Who We Are

Alaska Brr-Lesque...It's Hot!


     Chilling in the land of the Midnight Sun, Lola formed VivaVoom Brr-Lesque in 2004. Burlesque blended her most favorite things: music, cocktails, comedy, dance, cocktails, sideshows, cocktails, striptease, and cocktails. She takes extreme pleasure in watching VivaVoom enchant and captivate their patrons. The fiery Lola has delighted and commanded audiences with her onstage wit, soulful alto, unique dance style and her incredible Prizes of Boobie. She sings with honesty and coy confidence. Lola enjoys sleeping until noon, devouring sacrifices of spicy chocolate, exchanging champagne for water, dressing luxuriously, and making a party wherever she goes. Watch that trail of smoke!

​     When Lola met Danger Maus, it was love at first sight. But when the seemingly shy, reserved Maus made a sarcastic remark with a perfect deadpan face, Lola  knew she had found her soulmate. Danger Maus possesses a cool quiet which balances Lola’s fiery temperament. They are opposites in practically every way, except in philosophy, which allowed  them to join powerful feminine forces in gathering and keeping a tribe of dedicated, talented, and eclectic performers and crew for the perfect family circus. Together with this coquettish coterie, they’ve been keeping Alaskans warm since 2005!

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