Strawberry Stems
"The Tastiest Berry in the Patch"


Strawberry Stems born in the glitteriest strawberry patch in Spenard. She was named for her red hair and for legs that go up to there! She has been with the troupe since their first season. Since that time she has created some memorable characters including a pregnant Shirley Temple, a naughty Lucille Ball, and a sassy, cake-baking princess. She has never shied away from doing anything for a laugh, which includes doing an entire season pregnant and publicly humilating herself. We won't even go into what she does with the body parts of an ex-boyfriend! Her favorite show to do each year is Surprise Santa. Who else is going to cast her as Clara? She recently completed a 6-week treatment in rehab for her addiction to glitter and pastie tape. Who knows how long that will last? She adores her public and lives to be onstage entertaining you!​

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