Orbital Crush
​"Always Late But Worth The Wait"


Born Orbitralis Crushenski in the late days of the Soviet Union, Crush was involuntarily enrolled in the low earth orbit rocket experiments in Siberia. She subsequently crashed in Alaska as the youngest and sole surviving member of the program.  Discovered roaming the Chugach mountains by park rangers in the early nineties, Crush was granted citizenship on the basis that the wolf pack that had adopted her was full-blooded american.  After mastering the difficult task of learning english and wearing clothes on sunny days, she received a hula hoop from a northbound tornado that only she could see.  Haunted by visions of empty beet can riots, and ill at ease with the ways of Man, Crush found peace only in the soothing vortex of the hoop.   Drawn to a VivaVoom show by a trail of glitter in the snow, Crush was overjoyed to join the troupe in exchange for a small living space in the back hallway of the Russian Bar....

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