Loosie FitzPanties



Loosie FitzPanties, PhD, is a Costume Scientist and Burlesque Anthropologist. First introduced to the world of burlesque via crafting and costuming, Loosie has served as a Merch Maven in the VivaVoom Brr-lesque Glitter Bomb Brigade since Season 9, in 2013. Coming of Age in Spenard, she was inducted by Rite of Passage into the core dancers of VivaVoom in Season 13.


What does it mean to be “Burlesque”? She is on a mission to help you find your own answer to this, and to other questions about sex, gender, bodies, and society. 


FitzPanties’ work blends history, theory, art, fiction, and friction to explore the nexus between gritty reality and passionate fantasy. Her costumes and props – always handmade! – have a reputation for being tools of transformation into the mystical and the impossible. 


Equally comfortable behind the lectern of the Ivory Tower or under the stage lights at Koot’s, this candescently lewd sapiophile is delighted to school you in the Arts of Spenard Culture. You can find her works captured in library tomes and scrawled upon whiskey-soaked bar napkins across Alaska. She has also lectured on Alaska burlesque history at academic conferences and for Science Pub Night in Anchorage. 


Fascinated by bugs and mushrooms, all things that writhe, plants that do not flower, songs that don’t sound like songs, and the diversely lurid collection of personalities that make up her home community of Spenard, come learn some lessons late one night soon with Dr. FitzPanties! She can leave her glasses on if that’s what you’re in to, but the panties come with no such guarantee.


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