​Danger Maus
"More Danger than Mouse"

Danger Maus spent most of her days lounging on the couch feeding herself bonbons until discovered one day by the illustrious Lola Pistola. Coaxed from her lair of silk cushions and fantastic lighting, she was persuaded to share her feminine wiles with the living world with promises of silver, gold, and whiskey. Danger Maus enjoys long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and puppies. Her turn offs include people who are mean to babies, and war. Danger Maus is addicted to endorphins, usually scored with long bike rides. She has found that the endorphins from riding are almost equal to the high she gets from dancing. Usually not one to seek the spotlight, she found herself infatuated with performing. Maus prefers the more flamboyant music and she loves seeing her audience shake their asses along with her!

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