​Frankie The Knife, Lead Tech

Conceived in a pup tent at a drag race, fast cars are in Frankie’s blood.  Known as “Preacher Frankie, King Of The Drags”, he was a rising star in the dragster scene, until a Funny Car accident blew off both ears and ended his career. 

After having bionic ears surgically implanted, he joined the French Foreign Legion. When he was finally released from service, he was awarded his new moniker: “Frankie The Knife”. FTK has been with VivaVoom since the beginning, when he ran sound from an iPod, and lights at the same time.  A fully qualified Diva handler, he is now the Floor Manager, and Lead Technician.

FTK is always a good man in a tight spot, especially if you need a knife. He can be found drinking Manhattans and smoking Lucky Strikes while playing bass guitar and admiring WWII nose art. He is often overheard saying “ I’d rather take 3 in the gut from a German Burp gun, than hear that song again!”

FTK is the President of the Alaska chapter of F.O.L.D.

Panty Rob, Lead Stage Manager, Original Pick Up Artist

PantyRob has been with VivaVoom Burlesque since the inaugural show.  He comes from a long line of panty wranglers, and is happy to carry the torch.  It all began with his great, great, great, great, great Uncle Petticoat Pete in the late 1800's.   He is also thankful to trailblazers such as Uncle "Corset Christopher" and Cousin "Bloomer Bill". 

Panty Rob enjoys tequila.  As a young boy Panty Rob got lost in the woods, and adopted by a family of badgers.  Panty Rob is the true founder of Facebook.  And Microsoft.  Panty Rob knows Victoria's secret, and will never tell (psst, she's not really who she says she is).  Panty Rob does not believe in all that astrology mumbo jumbo.  Panty Rob is very much a Libra.  Panty Rob has a motto, "Today I pickup your underwear, Tomorrow I take over the world".  Panty Rob will definitely have a day pass from his padded room before the next show.

Nadia Business, House Manager

Sign: Gemini – double the fun
Height: 5’5 Weight: Enough to throw around
Favorite Drink: Disaronno Sour
Favorite Color: Black


Nadia migrated from New York looking for a change from the NYC punk scene. She was selling cigarettes out of the back of a truck when she met Helga The Inconsiderate and Chassis Blackjack. She followed the trail of glitter they had left leading into Koots. She saw Vivavoom for the first time and discovered her new calling to join the Glitter Bomb Brigade.

Foxie Loxie, Sound Tech

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'7"
Weight: Yes ;-)
Fave Drink: Maker's Mark on the rocks
Fave Color: Red
Favorite Era: Future - things just keep getting better!​

Pinch Hitter, Stage Manager, Asst. Stage Manager:
Eileen Dover
Pepper Peridot


Glitter Bomb Brigade:
Skarlet Fox- Boobie Prize Babe

12-Guage Page- Merch Maven
Melons Galore- Merch Maven

Elly Sin Vonderland- Darling at the Door

Vera Bang- Darling at the Door

Attila The Honey- Set Design




Coral Key
Helga The Inconsiderate

Chassis Blackjack


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