Coral Key 
"Putting the Oral in Coral"


was named after an island just north of Atlantis where she was conceived. Her mother, a demure mostly vengeful and sometimes murderous mermaid, and father, a Serbian horse breeder, met and fell in love when he was lost in the sea.

Coral left home at the age of nine to join Cote d'Ivoire's Stationary Circus where she was taught to lure sailors by swaying and shimmying her hips. She grew up spending her off time taming wild animals and shocking even the most vile carnie with her crude tongue and raunchy humor.
After many years, multiple continents, several tattoos, and a small handful of murder charges, Coral left the carnival life in favor of the last frontier where somebody could be nobody and nobody could be somebody.
Coral saw VivaVoom Brr-Lesque and knew she wanted to be a part of something where she could  be on stage without having to clean up lion shit.
She joined the group originally as a fluffer before convincing them she could earn her keep by belly dancing and eventually, stripping.
Coral likes everything dangerous, baby animals, and making faces in the mirror.

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